Irish Small Business News

Are you thinking of starting a new business?

We are putting this website together to help small businesses to gain insight into building a better business that will grow and expand as your business does.

We know that there is a so much that needs to be learned when starting your own business and that it is great to have information from others that have been successful in running there own small business.

The posts we will be putting live on the website will be of no more than 300 words – we have decided to stick with this format then to link out if you require more information – this way you can gleam a lot of information in a very short period of time.

Things like Five things we would have done differently when we launched our new product, or 10 things to avoid when setting up a small business.

In need of ISO 9001 ? we were recently helped by CGBC who helped us achieve our ISO Cert, why not give them a try

We will give you the best in small business advice that will help you grow and expand you business – productivity is key to ensuring that your business succeeds in a small a time as possible

We will also be giving you the top 5 ways to get government grants that will help you get started – things that you can get like ecommerce grants are really valuable when cash flow is at a premium.

What is the best technology that your business should be using in order to achieve a handle on cash flow – orders staffing etc, we will give you  solid advice on what will be the best for your business

Making mistakes running a small business happens it is how you learn from making mistakes that will determine wether your business suceeds or fails that is why learning from mistakes is so important for business owners to get a better understanding